Jean-Marc Thobois

After staying at the Biblical school of Kenley in England, pastor Jean-Marc Thobois spent two years training in Jerusalem (from July 1965 to August 1967) with pastor Kofsmann. Having a real passion for the Jewish people and Israel, he completes each year researches for the needs of the magazine “Keren Israel”. He and his wife currently live in Brittany in France,and totally dedicate themselves to writing this magazine.

Keren Israel is a Christian association with Protestant perspective that publishes the quoted magazine. The objective of these writings is to inform Christians about events that take place in Israel and in the Middle-East, in the light of Biblical prophecies, and to study the Jewish roots of the Christian faith. This association also takes part in practical aid with Messianic believers and Israelis, in particular to welcome new Russian, Albanian, Ethiopian, Polish immigrants...

Pastor Jean-Marc Thobois is at your disposal to give lectures, seminars or teaching about the Bible and Israel, Biblical archaeology or even the Jewish roots of the Christian faith.

You can support this work in a subscription to magazine “Keren Israel” (only in French) and in getting in touch with them by this e-mail address: jmthobois@cegetel.net

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