Jean-Louis Coraboeuf

Following a radical life-change twenty years ago, Jean-Louis is now a Christian involved in various aspects of church life (teaching, preaching). A computer programmer in a large business firm, he now follows his calling with a house group, and makes his teaching available to everyone on this, his internet site.

He and his wife live in the Poitou, area of France (with strong historical connection to the French Huguenots), and are pastors and servants of God (Isaiah 61:6) having new things in mind (Isaiah 43:18-19).

In 2001, a meeting with Tom Hess made them forcibly aware of the destiny of Israel and its people. And, arising out of a journey to Israel they made the acquaintance of Tsvi Sadan, the author of “The 100 Names of the Messiah”. All this made them very aware of the Church's Jewish roots and its inheritance through Jesus Christ of God's promises to Abraham.

Jean-Louis Coraboeuf has written a book entitled, “Et vous qui dites-vous que je suis?" (sold by www.emeth-editions.com and by www.amazon.fr), the “Pearls of the Word”, the “Revelations in the Word” and some “Teachings”.

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