Jeff Davidson

For 15 years Jeff and Judy Davidson were the apostolic members of a team of five ministries who lead the church "Jubilee Christian fellowship" in Portland, Oregon USA. When they began to travel and spend several months per year in France their involvement in the church lessened until in 2003 they resigned their position. Currently they are part of the eldership team at Silver Creek Fellowship in Silverton Oregon.

Both of them have a love for the French speaking world and for France, where they spend several months a year ministering regularly in many local churches and home groups. The very first thing we recognise of Christ as expressed through Jeff is, without any doubt, the teacher of the Word full of grace and truth.

The association law 1901 "Jubilee Cyrus Ministries" was created in France in 1998 through the initiative of the Davidsons. JCM has, amongst its objectives, that of making the message and the keys that God has entrusted to Jeff and Judy Davidson for all Christians of the French speaking world better known.

Here is their address:

Jubilee Cyrus Ministries
140 rue de la Liberté
71000 - MACON

You can support their work by contacting them: jcyrus77@msn.com

They publish booklets (40 to 90 pages in A5 format):

  • The Principles of the Faith

  • I Believe then I Speak

  • The Divine Descendants

  • The Victorious Church

  • More than Conquerors

  • The Good Soldier

  • The Authority of Christ

  • The Renewing of the Mind

  • The Blessing of Abraham

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