Gérald Fruhinsholz

Gerald Fruhinsholz, his wife Sophie and their son Cedric left France in August 2005 to put down their roots in the land of Israel in Jerusalem. Gerald Fruhinsholz was formerly the pastor of a Christian community in the midst of which in the Spring of 1996 the organisation "Shalom Israel" was brought into being, the fruit of a vision given by the Lord.

The purpose of this organisation is to promote love for Israel in the hearts of Christians:

  • by biblical teaching,

  • by publications, one of which is "Sound the Trumpet" (a bi-monthly magazine),

  • by song and dance, with the dance group "The Children of Zion",

  • by organised trips in the land of Israel.

It also aims to bless Israel according to the Lord's command:

  • by believing and proclaiming that the Jewish people are still the people of God,

  • by affirming that Israel is at the heart of the plan of God,

  • by loving this nation and people unconditionally,

  • by becoming a sure ally of Israel, for "He who blesses Israel is blessed".

You can visit the web site: www.shalom-israel.info and contact them at: infos@shalom-israel.info to support their work.

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