Revelations from the Word

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Eleazar and the Holy Spirit

by Jean-Louis Coraboeuf

"And He said, 'Therefore said I unto you that no man can come unto Me, unless it were given unto him by My Father'" (John 6:65 KJ21).

"Abraham was a very old man. The Lord had blessed him in all things. He said to his oldest servant who looked after all his goods: Place your hand under my thigh and swear to me by the Lord, the God of the heaven and the God of the earth, that you will not take for my son a wife from among the daughters of the Canaanites, amongst whom I live, but that you will go into my country, to the bosom of my relations, to take a wife for my son, Isaac. The servant answered him: Perhaps this woman will not be willing to follow me into this country. Shall I have to take your son back into the country which you left?" (Genesis 24:1-6).

Eleazar of Damas was the confidant of Abraham and his potential heir before the birth of Isaac (Genesis 15:2), that is why the latter entrusted him with the delicate mission of finding a wife for his only son. Having at his disposal all the wealth of his master Abraham, Eleazar therefore left alone to look for a wife from among the family of Abraham's brother.

God makes his journey a success and causes him meet Rebecca near to a spring (Genesis 24:10-14). Rebecca was the grand-daughter of Abraham's brother. Eleazar saw in her the wife that he had come to look for, and so he offered her a ring as well as bracelets (Genesis 24:22). He was welcomed by the whole family and spent the night with them. Rebecca agreed to be Isaac's wife (Genesis 24:51); that is why Eleazar offered her clothes and various gold and silver objects as well. She agreed to follow Eleazar who thus brought her to Isaac. When she saw Isaac, she covered her head with a veil (Genesis 24:65) as a sign of respect and submission.

Abraham represents God the Father who sends Eleazar the Holy Spirit to look for a Wife for His Son Jesus. In fact, the Holy Spirit is sent by God to men to convince them to accept Jesus as Saviour and Lord (John 16:8). He who accepts then becomes a member of God's Family and partakes of His Covenant, and the Holy Spirit comes and dwells in him. The role of the Holy Spirit then is to prepare this new person to be a part of the Bride by revealing to him who Jesus Christ is (John 16:13-15). And so the Holy Spirit brings the Bride to prepare herself and purify herself, and to deck herself in Her finest clothes with a view to the Wedding of Jesus Christ.