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The Messiah, the servant of the Jews

by Jean-Louis Coraboeuf

"Now I say that Jesus Christ has become a servant [diakonos] to the circumcised nation on account of God’s truth in order to fulfil the promises made to the forebears" (Romans 15:8).

Jesus was made servant [diakonos] of the Jewish people in order to reveal the true God, by fulfilling the promises that He had made to Abraham. Therefore Jesus conducted his ministry, directly among his brothers, through healing, miracles and, indirectly through His teaching and the training of His disciples, whom he asked to do as He did.

Just like our master, we are called upon to be servants of the Jewish People, in order that the scriptures be fulfilled: to help them to build (Isaiah 60:10) and to support them in their needs (Isaiah 61:5). May we speak out the name of Israel with love (Isaiah 44:5) and may we bless the nation of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob!