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And finally He sent his Son

by Frederic Coraboeuf

"Having, then, still one beloved son, he sent him finally [eschatos] to them, saying, they are bound to have respect for my son" (Mark 12:6 Darby)

God planted a vine, Israel (Isaiah 5:1-7), then He sent his servants to the wine growers... This parable of the wine growers teaches us two things above all. First, Israel, a people created by God to fulfil His purposes, is the only people to whom He sent his prophets. Outside the Nation of Israel, there was, then, no prophet sent by God.

Second, God’s beloved Son is the last one sent by God on Earth. Jesus, is, thus, the last to be sent by God, and after Him there were no others. According to the Greek origin of the word eschatos, He represented the last in terms of place and time!