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If anyone sins...

by Jean-Louis Coraboeuf

"If the anointed priest sins... if the whole congregation of Israel sins... if a ruler sins... If anyone of the common people sins..." (Leviticus 4:3,13,22,27).

We see in this passage that it is unintentional sin made against any of the commandments of the Lord. Here we have four different entities: the spiritual leader (priest), the assembly of Israel (High Court), the political leader (the leader, the president, the prime minister) and chap (the people).

The sin of the priest, the judge or political leader was always brought to the attention of the people and required each time an offering bull or goat for a sin offering. It thus encouraged the leaders to the wisdom and holiness. However, only the sin of the priest made the entire community guilty (Leviticus 4:3). This is why the Apostle Paul invites us to especially pray for the spiritual leaders and have consideration for them (Hebrews 13:17).