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Surrendering his life

by Jean-Louis Coraboeuf

"The father loves me because I surrender [tithemi] my life in order to receive [lambano] it again" (John 10:17 The Interlinear Bible).

The Greek verb tithemi means to lay down, to put down as security, give; and the Greek verb lambano means to receive, to take, take hold of.

The Father loved Jesus because he willingly lay down his life on the cross to receive it again in His resurrection. Accordingly, only we have authority over our souls to lay our lives down before God (Matthew 10:39) in order to receive eternal life in Jesus Christ.

As is the Master, so are his disciples! If we become like Him in accordance with His death, then we will also be in accordance with His resurrection (Romans 6:5). Jesus was not the victim of anyone, but made an offering of Himself to fulfil His Father’s eternal plan.