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Have the faith of our glorious Lord

by Jean-Louis Coraboeuf

"My brothers, have the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Lord of glory, which is free from all favouritism" (James 2:1 Interlinear).

Jesus said to his disciples: "Have the faith of God!" (Mark 11:22), and the apostle James tells us: "Have the faith of Jesus". The faith of God, just like the faith of Jesus, moves mountains. God does not indulge in favouritism (Galatians 2:6), and neither does Jesus. God has given his only son in order to save all men, and Jesus, also, has surrendered his life for all men.

The justice of God demands a sacrifice for the sins of all men, and the faith of Jesus has obtained this justification by His death on the cross (Romans 3:22). God made no distinction between men, and neither has Jesus, for they loved all men without distinction; that is why James said that we do not have the faith of Jesus if we use favouritism, for that is a sin (James 2:9). Favouritism is literally 'inspecting the face' before granting a favour.