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An ulpan is an institute or school for the intensive study of Hebrew. Ulpan (plural ulpanim) is a Hebrew word meaning teaching, instruction, or studio.

The ulpan is designed to teach adult immigrants to Israel the basic language skills of conversation, writing and comprehension. Most ulpanim also provide instruction in the fundamentals of Israeli culture, history, and geography. The primary purpose of the ulpan is to help new citizens to be integrated as quickly and as easily as possible into the social, cultural and economic life of their new country.

The concept of the ulpan was initiated soon after the creation of the state of Israel in 1948. The new country was faced with a massive influx of new immigrants, refugees from war-torn Europe, oppressed and disadvantaged communities from Africa and the Middle East, and others from all parts of the world. Although all were recognized as Jewish, their language and culture varied widely. Attendance at an ulpan and learning the Hebrew language served as a common bond that helped to develop a shared identity and sense of statehood.

The institution of the ulpan continues to serve immigrants today. There are numerous private facilities but the majority are run by the Jewish Agency, municipalities, kibbutzim, and the universities. Ulpanim are offered for free to new olim to Israel. Many are equipped with modern audio-visual teaching aids. Since the establishment of the first ulpan in Jerusalem in 1949, more than 1.3 million new immigrants have graduated from ulpanim.