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Olam Hazeh

In relation to the Kingdom of God history can be divided into four periods: before Jesus, during his lifetime, the present age (the olam hazeh) and the future age (the olam haba). There was a sense in which the Kingdom was present prior to Jesus' birth; indeed, God was King over the Jewish people (1 Samuel 12:12).

Olam Hazeh (Hebrew word, meaning "This World") is the world in which we live, where each of us is given the opportunity to honour the Name of the Lord by performing "Mitzvot" and learning and teaching Torah, according to his or her gifts, and behaving in an honest and decent manner with our fellow human beings.

"Moreover by them is your servant warned, and in keeping of them [mitzvot, commandments] there is great reward" (Psalm 19:11).

According to Rabbi Yaakov, one of the great Tannaim, one should view the relationship of "Olam Hazeh" to "Olam Haba" as that of an "entrance" or "anteroom" to a "Palace". Prepare yourself in the entrance, advises Rabbi Yaakov, so that you will be admitted to the "Palace" (Chapter 4 Mishna 21).