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Olam Haba

In relation to the Kingdom of God history can be divided into four periods: before Jesus, during his lifetime, the present age (the olam hazeh) and the future age (the olam haba). There was a sense in which the Kingdom was present prior to Jesus' birth; indeed, God was King over the Jewish people (1 Samuel 12:12).

Olam Haba (Hebrew word, meaning the "World-to-Come") is the "place" of Reward for the Righteous ("People will say, 'surely there is a reward for the righteous'" Psalm 58:11), where God completes His "payment" to them, "Midah K'neged Midah", "Measure for Measure," in spiritual terms, a Fundamental Belief and Article of Jewish Faith.

Olam Haba is described in the Talmud as where the "Righteous sit with their crowns on their heads, and derive pleasure from the Radiance of the Divine Presence".

Olam Haba is also described as "The World of Truth", and also described by King David as "No eye has seen it, O Lord, but Yours".